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    Posted April 25 In-game name: Papi C What is your timezone: GTM(-06:00) How many hours do you play a day: 6-10 Have you ever been muted/banned: (if yes explain why): No Do you have any staff experience: I have tons of experience with staff positions on RSPS'. If further information is needed feel free to PM me regarding it. Do you have discord: Yes Do you have a working microphone: Yes What languages do you speak: English I feel I would be a great asset to Perplexity as I have already attained a high knowledge of the server and have a lot to offer in terms of progressing to the next level. Thanks for reading, Papi C
  5. Removed the blank space before the announcement of a new player logging in It now tells a new player when they first log in to close there launcher to avoid any crashes I have noticed one of the most common questions that new players have when they first login is how to teleport they now receive a message when they first log in saying"Teleports can be found at the T icon under the minimap" Bank booths in camelot now open up players banks also added some undisclosed security features to the server (not really of any importance
  6. Millionaire Pet has been added to the Bucks shop Billionaire pet has been added to the Bucks shop These are both very expensive pets but cool looking pets, they are something worth saving up your money for to get http://prntscr.com/nepglf Frozen Armadyl pieces now correctly tell you what tier they what when you right click examine them Twisted Drygore platebody is now upgradable Twisted Drygote Platelegs are now upgradable Twisted Drygore Helm is now upgradable Twisted Drygore boots are now upgradable Twisted Drygore gauntlets are now upgradable When you clicked other zones on teleports interface it would incorrectly highlight as if you had clicked on Donator zones, this has now been fixxed and correctly highlights "other zones" Now on to hopefully some rebalancing to make combat a bit more profitable Bucks drop have been added to the crystal spider/wolf at the Starter zone All npc's who previously had bucks drops have had the amount dropped x5 Donator mystery boxes Bucks amount's have been x5 Bucks from the on slayer task drop table have been x5
  7. Frozen Kree'arra" pet now has the correct name corrected the stats for the 3 pieces of Frozen Armadyl Death torva pet now has the correct name The announcements, had a space before them in the chatbox which made them look wierd, this has now been removed Bucks store has been added. currently contains tier upgrade tokens starting at 5t each and each tier costs 5t more
  8. an announcement added to remind people that information can be found in the player panel bank space increased from 352 to 952 Increased time between server announcements from 6 mins to 20 Upgrade costs have had an increase, now starting at 1500 bucks for T1 and increase by 300 bucks per tier A bug causing Tier 8 upgrade token to not be consumed when upgrading Tormented wings has been fixxed Twisted Drygore Gauntlets are now displayed correctly as Gauntlets rather than gloves on the drop table for Kree/when announced as a drop and when examining the Gauntlets Frozen Armadyl helm is now upgradable (10% range str per upgrade) Frozen Armadyl chestplate is now upgradable (10% range str per upgrade) Frozen Armadyl plateskirt is now upgradable (10% range str per upgrade) The max accounts you can now have logged in at once is 2!
  9. Announcements have now been added, 1 random announcement every 6 mins (please suggest anything you think is important to announce) the krill tsutsaroth pet in inventory is now correctly called "K'ril Tsutsaroth pet" A pet drop has been added to the crystal spiders in keyzone A pet drop has been added to the crystal wolfs in keyzone Extreme defence (2) added to Death torva drops Extreme defence (4) added to Death torva boss drops Cash Torva has an increase to the amount of bucks drops it has and the previous bucks drops have trippled in amount The message to say you have recieved a perplexity buck every time has been removed Pet Drop added to Cash Torva Pet drop added to Death Torva Pet drop has been added to Kree'arra http://prntscr.com/ndxszq Well cost has been increased to 2t to fill All donations to well are now announced in global chat server announcements are now in red instead of the normal black colour
  10. The bug causing Venenatis and Krill to not drop Tier upgrade tokens has now been fixed. 2 teleports Have been added to the "other zones" section of teleports interface 1) cash zone - same tele just another option of how to get to it, old tele in melee section may one day be removed 2) Treasure room - contains Death torva who can be killed for Death torva armour, a defensive gear set that maybe useful to players who are not strong enough to soul split to keep themselves alive during bossing and a knecklace for each attack style and a hybrid, also drop Death souls, Death soul's are required to attack/kill the death torva boss who has 2 new knecklaces Bright that are a little better than the knecklaces dropped by the normal Death torva and a Golden knecklace for each attack style that is Bis http://prntscr.com/nds19d An AFK zone has been added, just outside the bank at home (the exit to the East) are a couple of fishing spots, these can be afked and you will not log out, they give 0 fishing xp and require no fishing level or equipment and Give Perplexity Bucks. and are at this moment in time one of the best source's of money (all cash drops from monsters will be getting a buff to make them viable/better options for earning cash) http://prntscr.com/nds0mk
  11. Hey My name is ingemar , but you all know me as Yuki, ive been here for a couple weeks and ive loved since the first hour Perplexity, i am 27 years old, i live in chile and mainly use this as hobbie cause im a very lover of rs, but this type of rs, not the rs thats is live nowdays, i think i always help with questions of new players or intermediate players when they ask, always. I'm used to play everyday alot of Perplexity so i know i'll be there to help players with their doubts. Also i know alot of this server and i learn always about new updates and current updates to spread the word about whats the best or whats wrong . This is my Application hopefully you consider to be part of staff. Thanks, cheers.
  12. slightly nerfed hp of Venanatis so that it has a chance to give upgrade tokens on kills Ava's accumulator should now correctly save arrows fired Twisted Drygore boots added to Nex drops Twisted Drygore gloves added to Nex drops Twisted cape added into game, saves all arrows fired Twisted cape added to Nex drops Boss Nex added to Nex zone Golden Twisted gear made and added Twisted cape and Golden Twisted cape now save all arrows that are fired Golden twisted armour and bow added to Boss Nex drops third-age gear added to Boss Nex drops
  13. New range gear was added to the client Drops where added to Nex
  14. Frozen kree'arra's name has been fixxed to correctly show in blue now Frozen armadyl helm/plate/skirt now shows it's name in blue There have been modifications to Kree arra's bow drops Kree'arra has had a slight nerf to how much hp it has Kree'arra now now correctly shows its name as Frozen Kree'arra on the show drops interface Kree'arra's range protection has been nerfed, so range should do a little more damage on average to it Added a new teleport for the next tier of range gear, Nex Added nex spawns to the area (as of yet the drops are not ready, as they are still being made)
  15. fixed a bug with pets that in rare cases causes them to attack other players. some changes to slayer drops, keys have been added to the drop table and slightly nerfed the drop rate of the mbox/mega mbox, also made it so that the slayer upgrade tokens below level 6 are a little more common than the higher tiers K'rill pet should now be correctly spaced behind a player an update has been made to the majority of pets, boss pets and the pets from pet mbox to not look like they have been ran over by a car (squashed) kree'araa have been added in the range teleports, with new bis helm/plate/legs/bow the White form of ichigo has had some major improvements to his looks
  16. Client has been updates - an attack option for pet to help stop you accidentally picking a pet up Drop rate for rare slayer drops has been further increased so you should start seeing more rare slayer drops using a banking bag for the key chest now sends rewards straight to your bank, if you have 3 different key types it will use 1 of each key per click and send it to bank, hopefully this should ease some of the pain of opening keys in bulk
  17. Malevolent Wings are now upgradable The extra drops from slayer tasks now go straight to your bank if you have a banking bag Drop rate while on tasks of a slayer upgrade token has been massively improved (2x more likely than before)
  18. Great work keep it up!
  19. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication porce. Were already looking like a #1 server :)
  20. Hey guys im trust, im 23 turning 24 in may. Im very out going person, very friendly and always willing to help people out.i love to go the extra mile of helping people out and love seeing people happy on a well server and the owner and its staff dedicated to the server. i feel id be a very big help to perplexity on the staff team cause i can play 24/7, i live in the USA but i never sleep which is good for the server, cause i can be on all day and night to help new people, or helping people in general with anything they need on the server. I have been playing rsps for about 12 years now, ive been mod, admin, and co owner on other servers that i will not name but i do have the knowledge of a well based staff member, so if you give me a chance i promise i wont let you down!
  21. Text on Hardcore game mode changed Malevolent slayer Gear now Gives 10% dmg increase per piece while on slayer task Bucks drops have now been added to all npcs
  22. Text fixed on the K'rill slayer task Combat interface added to the Golden Karambid soulsplit is now far less effective than it was, (hopefully will make bossing a little more challenging) Slayer masters now give less base points per task Slayer task streaks are now unlimited (Task streak Doesn't reset at 10) Slayer task points has had a complete revamp - Task 1-4 and 6-9 give base points Task 5 gives 2 x base points Task 10 gives 3 x points Tasks 11-50 all give 4 x points Tasks 51-100 all give 5 x points Tasks 101-500 all give 6 x points Tasks 500+ all give 7 x points
  23. Fixxed tormented wings to have correct bonuses now bonuses added to Hades Platebody >T10 Bonuses added to Hades platelegs >T10 Hades platebody and legs are now upgradable Tier upgrades have now had a price increase to the Bucks cost per upgrade T1 = 500 - T10 = 1400 Removed the malevolent weapons from slayer store for now Malevolent pieces have had a price rise ready for incoming gear update
  24. Please vote for how you would like the Hades tier 4-9 to look ingame https://www.dropbox.com/s/rowukazrmw5m2dy/Screenshot 2019-03-21 19.09.38.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxzzkic8oqnmgxz/Screenshot 2019-03-21 19.20.37.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/onoqzq3cf0yy4j3/Screenshot 2019-03-21 19.29.49.png?dl=0
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