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  1. Really nice update, thank you.
  2. Gio

    Gio here

    Hello everyone, My name is Gio, I'm 21 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I play this server now for 2 weeks. And I still love it. I am the first one to max :D. I work 38 hours a week, I am enjoying my job. My hobbies are playing games, making websites and have some drink with friends. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  3. Gio

    Some Suggestions

    It would be nice if there comes a boss with multiple phases. Example: Phase 1: It hit with ranged, you need to kill him with melee. Phase 2: It hit with melee, you need to kill him with Magic. Phase 3: It hit with magic, you need to kill him with Ranged. Phase 4: It hit with all styles randomly for each second and you need to use the combat triangle to kill it like other phases. Skilling For Hunter Skill add puro puro. For Smithing add Rune items to Smith. Runecrafting, add Rune and Pure essence to the shop. Add player owned shops, so players can set up their own shops and set their own prices for the items they want to sell it. So players can first look in Player owned shop instead of asking around.
  4. If you have donated and have an ingame rank, and you want the rank on the forum as well. You can request your rank here. Donator Rank: Proof of your rank (screenshot from player panel):
  5. Good luck with your application Brandon.
  6. Hello, I will explain in this update what I've done so far on the forums. Added Group Legend The Groups has now their rank icons like in the game. You can now add your Discord profile to your forum profile. This can be done to go to your Account Settings Click on Discord Account and you can link your Discord account. You can now register with discord on the forum.
  7. Welcome everyone, As you can see we have been moved to a new forum. The forum is still under progress, so if you see any changes don't be scared. If you have any questions, you can always send me a personal message. We hope you like the forums. Your Web Developer, Gio