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  1. Great work keep it up!
  2. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication porce. Were already looking like a #1 server :)
  3. Hey guys im trust, im 23 turning 24 in may. Im very out going person, very friendly and always willing to help people out.i love to go the extra mile of helping people out and love seeing people happy on a well server and the owner and its staff dedicated to the server. i feel id be a very big help to perplexity on the staff team cause i can play 24/7, i live in the USA but i never sleep which is good for the server, cause i can be on all day and night to help new people, or helping people in general with anything they need on the server. I have been playing rsps for about 12 years now, ive been mod, admin, and co owner on other servers that i will not name but i do have the knowledge of a well based staff member, so if you give me a chance i promise i wont let you down!