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Tier Upgrade token Info and drop chances

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for every kill you get 1 roll at each upgrade token (10 chances total)

the chance of a Tier upgrade token of any kind is always 1 + Npc's hitpoints / drop rate

So if the npc has 1million hp and the drop rate is 250million you would have a 1/250 chance of that item per kill

Drop Rate bonus does NOT effect Global drops

Global drop's are not picked up by looting/banking bag's

Global Drops are announced as a Global message


and here is the drop rate's for Each token

Tier 1 upgrade token = 250000000

Tier 2 upgrade token = 500000000

Tier 2 upgrade token = 750000000

Tier 4 upgrade token = 1000000000

Tier 5 upgrade token = 1250000000

Tier 6 upgrade token = 1500000000

Tier 7 upgrade token = 1750000000

Tier 8 upgrade token = 2000000000

Tier 9 upgrade token = 2000000000

Tier 10 upgrade token = 2140000000

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