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Game Updates 17/3/19

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changed the error message when you try to purchase something from the Donation token store but do not have enough Donation tokens


Changed the examine on Donation tokens


attempted to rebalance the tier upgrade tokens to be more in lime with time in combat rather than damage done to better reward less geared players


Client Auto updater now released http://www.perplexity317.co.uk/downloads/Perplexity%20Launcher.jar


Rework to some of the rewards from slayer with points


changed the Contribute to well interface to correctly reflect that you are donating Bucks rather than just "money"


changed the well's deactivation message to inform that it has also stopped proving drop rate boost


Well price increased to 300 Bucks


Npc kills tracker now works


Shadow Corp beast instance cost reduced to 20b


Ichigo instance cost reduced to 35b


You should now be unable to duplicate spawns of Ichigo 

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