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Game updates 18/4/19

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The bug causing Venenatis and Krill to not drop Tier upgrade tokens has now been fixed.

2 teleports Have been added to the "other zones" section of teleports interface

1) cash zone - same tele just another option of how to get to it, old tele in melee section may one day be removed

2) Treasure room - contains Death torva who can be killed for Death torva armour, a defensive gear set that maybe useful to players who are not strong enough to soul split to keep themselves alive during bossing and a knecklace for each attack style and a hybrid, also drop Death souls, Death soul's are required to attack/kill the death torva boss who has 2 new knecklaces Bright that are a little better than the knecklaces dropped by the normal Death torva and a Golden knecklace for each attack style that is Bis




An AFK zone has been added, just outside the bank at home (the exit to the East) are a couple of fishing spots, these can be afked and you will not log out, they give 0 fishing xp and require no fishing level or equipment and Give Perplexity Bucks. and are at this moment in time one of the best source's of money (all cash drops from monsters will be getting a buff to make them viable/better options for earning cash)



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