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Game updates 22/4/19

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Millionaire Pet has been added to the Bucks shop

Billionaire pet has been added to the Bucks shop

These are both very expensive pets but cool looking pets, they are something worth saving up your money for to get 😉


Frozen Armadyl pieces now correctly tell you what tier they what when you right click examine them

Twisted Drygore platebody is now upgradable

Twisted Drygote Platelegs are now upgradable

Twisted Drygore Helm is now upgradable

Twisted Drygore boots are now upgradable

Twisted Drygore gauntlets are now upgradable

When you clicked other zones on teleports interface it would incorrectly highlight as if you had clicked on Donator zones, this has now been fixxed and correctly highlights "other zones"


Now on to hopefully some rebalancing to make combat a bit more profitable

Bucks drop have been added to the crystal spider/wolf at the Starter zone

All npc's who previously had bucks drops have had the amount dropped x5

Donator mystery boxes Bucks amount's have been x5

Bucks from the on slayer task drop table have been x5


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